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 iMac Flat Panel 700 (M7677LL/B) Memory

System Specs
Type of system: Desktops/Servers
Bus Architecture: External USB/FireWire
Hard Drive Bus: Ultra ATA/100
Native OS: Mac OS X
CPU Type: 700MHz PowerPC G4
Memory Specs
Standard Memory: 256MB (removable)
Maximum Memory: 1 GB
Memory Expansion: 2 sockets (1-168p DIMM + 1-144p SODIMM)
Memory Comments: PC100/133 SDRAM SODIMMs. Only one user-accessible SODIMM socket. System contains does contain one 168-pin DIMM socket but is not user-accessible (Factory Installed DIMM).
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128MB SODIMM PC100 Memory

256MB SODIMM PC100 16 Chips Memory


512MB SODIMM PC100 Memory

64MB SODIMM PC100 Memory

128MB SODIMM PC133 Memory

256MB SODIMM PC133 16 Chips Memory

256MB SODIMM PC133 Memory


512MB SODIMM PC133 Memory


64MB SODIMM PC133 Memory

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